Cultivate A Resilient Family with the Founder

I mentor families and teach them the skills to be resilient in the face of adversity or trauma, so that they can thrive.

How to cultivate resilience through any adversity is what I’m passionate about. My constant research into the cultivation of resilience and continued studies of psychology, human behaviour, anthropology, sociology, coaching, counselling, complimentary therapies as well as a host of healing practices have lead me to this point in my life journey. Add to that my own personal journey through several adversities and intense trauma work and you have the perfect mentor for your own journey through whatever it is or was that knocked you down.

My unique set of skills include International Accreditations as:

In this video I share painful parts of my life story and how I came to realise what my true calling is this week (5 November 2023).

When I heard someone say these words “God doesn’t call the qualified, He qualifies the called” a few days ago, this beautiful process was triggered and I am so grateful for my incredible journey over the last few days! Much appreciation for the people who rose to the occasion and played a pivotal role in my growth spurt! May you find inspiration and hope in my story.

I am honoured to accompany you on your road to self-discovery, growth and abundance and welcome you with deep gratitude and an open heart.

Let us travel together, explore and discover until we thrive!

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About the Logo

Why did I design this logo and what does it mean?

Purple is the colour of wisdom, sensitivity & empathy
Turquoise is the colour of compassion, clarity & peace
Green is the colour of harmony, health & growth
White is the colour of innocence, purity and simplicity

These are some of the key qualities we need to be resilient, to be able to Get Up and Grow – the wisdom to know that we have all the answers within ourselves, the sensitivity to be in touch with our deepest fears and desires and the empathy to relate with those around us. We also need authentic compassion for the world and clarity about ourselves so that we can enjoy inner peace. Once we have mastered the above we’ll find harmony in our existence, good health and purposeful growth. All of this personal work takes place with the innocence of our youth and the purity of our souls as the backdrop guiding us toward the perfect simplicity of the perceived chaos.

The rainbow lines extending upward from the “U” symbolises getting up, rising up, being on a journey of self discovery and learning, a promise of improvement, a better life, inspiration, prosperity, success, abundance etc… The same lines coming down through the “o” symbolises also being in touch with our roots, our heritage as well as the things that challenged us to grow in our lives, while also having our feet firmly on the ground and connected to mother nature so that we can reach as high as our dreams will take us and embrace the joy and delight as indicated by the open arms of the person at the top right corner.

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More about My career, accreditations & projects

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