The Best Decision for Your Entire Divorce Process!


Available from 6 March - 24 April 2023

In this course you'll learn realistic tools & practices for yourself and your family, that will really help you transition through the process with much less trauma - A series of six videos with hands on tips and tools for all aspects of everyday life.

Designed by a Divorce Mentor with Personal Experience

Monday 6 March - Emotional Resilience (available)
Tuesday 14 March - Family Resilience (available)
Wednesday 22 March - Mental Resilience (available)
Thursday 30 March - Physical Resilience (available)
Monday 7 April - Spiritual Resilience
Tuesday 17 April - Vocational Resilience 

This Master Class Series will only be available to Get Up and Grow Members - released on the dates in March and April as specified above and open for access & discussion until 09:00 (SAST) Tuesday 24 April.

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