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About the Summit

Welcome to the Get Up and Grow - Resilient Parenting Summit, an empowering online event designed to equip parents and families with the tools and strategies they need to thrive in the face of everyday challenges and adversity. As an esteemed expert in your field, we invite you to join us in sharing your lived experience, expertise and insights to support our mission of promoting resilience and well-being in families worldwide.

About the Host

Get Up and Grow is an online community, founded by Sinta Ebersohn, a Post Traumatic Growth Specialist. Members have access to a wealth of information and resources such as blog posts, expert interviews, courses, workshops and other training events - all for the purpose of providing guidance and support while also offering continuous opportunities for enrichment and personal growth - making individuals better equipped to face adversities and deal with life's challenges and traumatic experiences. It is a platform where resilience is consciously cultivated in all aspects of life.

Sinta Ebersohn also founded the award-winning global educational platform for families going through separation, divorce and blending new families Fair Divorce in 2015. Read more about Sinta and her work

Summit Format

- The summit will feature pre-recorded interviews (informal 1 hr long conversations) with expert speakers, hosted by Sinta Ebersohn, founder of Get Up and Grow.

- Sessions will cover a range of topics related to resilience, parenting and family well-being, providing valuable insights and actionable strategies for attendees.

- All summit sessions will be available on our online platform for a limited period of 48 hours, free of charge.

- Thereafter sessions will be available for life to existing and new members of the community.

Why Participate

- Showcase your expertise and gain exposure to a wide audience of parents, families and professionals interested in resilience and parenting.

- Network with fellow experts and thought leaders in related fields, fostering collaboration and partnership opportunities.

- Grow your knowledge and skills while also adding to your unique toolbox.

- Promote your services or products to a targeted audience seeking solutions to their challenges.

Suggested Topics for Discussion

(you are welcome to make your own suggestions too)

Building Emotional Resilience in Children

- Strategies for teaching children to recognise and manage their emotions effectively.

   - Techniques for fostering emotional intelligence and empathy in children.

Stress Management for Parents

- Coping mechanisms and stress-reduction strategies for parents navigating challenging situations.

   - Self-care practices to maintain resilience and well-being while parenting.

Effective Communication in Parenting

- Techniques for improving communication between parents and children, including active listening and assertive communication.

   - Addressing conflict and resolving disagreements in a constructive manner within the family.

Parenting Through Transitions and Life Changes

- Guidance on supporting children through transitions such as moving, divorce or the loss of a loved one.

   - Strategies for helping children adapt to change and build resilience in the face of uncertainty.

Promoting Positive Discipline and Boundaries

   - Approaches to discipline that focus on positive reinforcement and setting clear, consistent boundaries.

   - Strategies for addressing challenging behavior in children while maintaining a supportive and nurturing environment.

Cultivating Resilient Family Dynamics

- Building strong family bonds and fostering a sense of belonging and connection within the family unit.

   - Creating rituals and traditions that promote resilience and unity among family members.

Financial Resilience for Families

   - Tips for budgeting, saving and managing finances effectively to provide stability and security for the family.

   - Teaching children about financial literacy and responsibility from a young age.

Promoting Healthy Habits and Lifestyle Choices

- Encouraging physical activity, nutritious eating habits, and adequate sleep for optimal physical and mental health.

   - Modeling healthy behaviors and attitudes towards self-care and well-being for children to emulate.

Parenting in the Digital Age

   - Navigating the challenges of technology and screen time while promoting healthy usage habits for children.

   - Addressing cyberbullying, online safety and digital citizenship within the family.

Coping with Trauma and Adversity

    - Supporting children and families through traumatic experiences such as illness, accidents or natural disasters.

    - Building resilience and post-traumatic growth in the aftermath of adversity.

Promoting Diversity and Inclusion in Parenting

    - Fostering an inclusive and accepting environment that celebrates cultural diversity in all its forms within the family.

    - Addressing neuro-diversity and physical disability with children in an age-appropriate manner.

Building Resilient Parenting Partnerships

- Strengthening the relationship between co-parents and navigating differences in parenting styles.

    - Collaborating effectively as a parenting team to support the well-being of children and the family unit.

Collaboration Options

Subject Matter Expert Interview

Be interviewed as a subject matter expert on your chosen topic related to resilient parenting. For a nominal fee, you'll have the opportunity to share your expertise and insights with our audience and your company/ business/ practice logo will be featured as a collaborator on the summit.

$39 (+/-ZAR750)

Personal Experience Interview

Share your personal experience of resilient parenting as a parent who faced adversity or overcame a traumatic experience with your child(ren). Offer practical advice and tips to other parents navigating similar challenges. This opportunity is free of charge.

no charge

Research Presentation Interview

Present your scientific or evidence-based research findings on resilient parenting and the impact on children and families. This opportunity is also free of charge.

no charge

Product/ Resource/ Service Interview

Be interviewed about your resilient parenting product, resource or service offered to parents. For a nominal fee, your product/ resource/ service will be featured as a collaborator on the summit.

$39 (+/-ZAR750)

Specialist/ Expert Interview with Gift Offer

Be interviewed as a specialist/ expert on your chosen topic. In return for your participation, offer your product/ resource/ service as a gift in a lucky draw to attendees. The value of the gift should match the nominal fee or exceed at your discretion.

$39 (+/-ZAR750)

For a minimal investment of US$39 (+/-R750), you'll gain access to a wealth of benefits

- Expertise and Comprehensive Summit Hosting: Benefit from our expertise in conducting effective interviews and hosting comprehensive summit sessions.

- Technical Production of High-Quality Interviews: We handle the technical production to ensure your interview is professional and engaging, suitable for both educational and marketing purposes.

- Organisational Experience and Accreditation: As an accredited training provider with extensive event organising experience, we ensure the summit meets the highest standards.

- Marketing and Exposure: Extensive marketing through our media network ensures exposure to a targeted audience interested in resilient parenting and holistic wellness.

- Access to Targeted Market and Community: Connect with attendees from our network and those of all other speakers, maximising your reach and impact.

- Lifetime Exposure to Get Up and Grow Community: Gain lifelong exposure to our growing community, providing ongoing opportunities for collaboration and networking.

- Prestige and Impact: Contribute to promoting mental health and well-being, enhancing your reputation and making a meaningful impact.

Don't miss out on this opportunity to make a difference and expand your reach. Sign up now before it's too late!

If you're interested in participating as a speaker at the Get Up and Grow - Resilient Parenting Summit, please fill out the form below to express your interest. Our team will follow up with further details and information on next steps.

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For the Specialist/ Expert Interview with Gift Offer (value $39): Please describe in detail what you intend to offer, as a gift to attendees in a lucky draw.
1. Participation Agreement: By registering as a speaker for the Get Up and Grow - Resilient Parenting Summit, you agree to participate in the summit as outlined by the organisers. 2. Content and Presentation: Speakers are responsible for providing relevant and valuable content related to the summit's theme. Interviews will be conducted in English and should be professional, informative and engaging. 3. Time Commitment: Speakers are required to adhere to the agreed-upon schedule and time allocated for their interview. Any changes to the schedule must be communicated and approved by the organisers in advance. 4. Deadlines: Applications to participate close on 11 March. Interviews have to be scheduled before 14 March. Participants to be announced for marketing purposes, by 14 March 2024. 5. Marketing Commitment: Speakers agree to actively promote the summit within their own networks and communities. This may include sharing promotional materials, inviting contacts to register for the event and promoting the summit through social media and other channels. 6. Intellectual Property Rights: Speakers retain ownership of any intellectual property rights associated with their interviews or materials shared during the summit. However, speakers grant the organisers permission to record, distribute and promote their presentations as part of the summit proceedings. 7. Fee and Payment: Where applicable, speakers agree to pay the specified fee of US$39 (+/-ZAR750.00) for participation in the summit upfront, when scheduling a one hour interview, to secure their place. This fee covers expenses related to event organisation, production, marketing and hosting services for both the summit and in the Get Up and Grow community afterwards. 8. Cancellation Policy: In the event that a speaker needs to cancel their participation in the summit, a refund may be provided according to the following terms: - Cancellations made 10 days prior to the summit start date: 50% refund - Cancellations made after this deadline: No refund will be provided 9. Code of Conduct: Speakers are expected to conduct themselves professionally and respectfully throughout their participation in the summit. Any behaviour deemed inappropriate or harmful to the summit's reputation will result in immediate termination of participation. 10. Liability Waiver: The organisers of the Get Up and Grow - Parental Alienation Summit are not liable for any damages, losses or injuries incurred as a result of participation in the summit. Speakers participate at their own risk. 11. Governing Law: These terms and conditions shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of South Africa. Any disputes arising from or related to these terms and conditions shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of South Africa. By registering as a speaker for the Get Up and Grow - Parental Alienation Summit, you acknowledge that you have read, understood and agreed to these terms and conditions. Please type "I agree" in the space provided.

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