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In this video I share painful parts of my life story and how I came to realise what my true calling is this week (5 November 2023).

When I heard someone say these words “God doesn’t call the qualified, He qualifies the called” a few days ago, this beautiful process was triggered and I am so grateful for my incredible journey over the last few days! Much appreciation for the people who rose to the occasion and played a pivotal role in my growth spurt! May you find inspiration and hope in my story.

Join me in the Get Up and Grow Accelerator Membership and let me be your partner in this transformative experience. Together, we will cultivate resilient families, break free from the limitations of adversity and create a legacy of strength and love for generations to come.
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If you sign up for the free Membership, you will only have access to my blog posts, a select few resources & events and my email updates. The Accelerator membership will give you access to all of that and everything else listed below. You’ll get the value of 20 months worth of subscriptions, ($303) instantly TODAY when you sign up! And I’ll be adding more value to your journey regularly.

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Get the value of 20 months worth of subscriptions, ($303) instantly TODAY when you sign up!

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