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About the Host

Get Up and Grow is an award-winning online community, founded by Sinta Ebersohn, a Post Traumatic Growth Specialist. It has just been acknowledged globally with an African Excellence Award 2024. The community consists of private members as well as staff from all kinds of organisations, who are signed up as part of our Employee Wellness Assistance Programme.

Interviews form an integral part of this initiative, where we talk with people from all walks of life, who share inspirational stories about dealing with and overcoming adversity or traumatic experiences. It can be their own personal story or about the work they do helping others or both. We also interview subject matter experts on a variety of topics that are relevant to cultivating resilience in all aspects of life, in the face of any kind of adversity and trauma.

You've received the exclusive link to this invitation for an interview, because we believe that your contribution would offer valuable insight and inspiration to others on similar paths. Interviews are by invitation only, so we would really love to have you onboard to contribute your wisdom.

Sinta Ebersohn also founded the award-winning global educational platform for families going through separation, divorce and blending new families Fair Divorce in 2015. Read more about Sinta and her work

How It Works

- Click the link below to schedule your online interview on a date and time that is most suitable.

- The interview will be pre-recorded online via Zoom (informal <1 hr long conversation) hosted by Sinta Ebersohn, founder of Get Up and Grow.

- The final edited video will be posted on our podcast and all other social media platforms, from where you can share it with your network too.

- Your interview will also be included as a recommended resource for the exclusive Get Up and Grow Online Community.

Why Participate

- Share your own personal experiences to support and inspire others in similar situations.

- Showcase your expertise and gain exposure to a wide audience of parents, families and professionals.

- Promote your services or products to a targeted audience seeking solutions to their challenges.

- Become a preferred service provider / supplier to the ever growing exclusive Get Up and Grow Online Community.

- Get the option for another interview whenever you launch a new service / product.

Collaboration Options

If you choose to share your own personal story, your experiences with volunteer work or your published research done on a given topic, your participation is free of charge. However, if you would like to offer and promote a service, product or resource that is paid for (monetised), this interview is a great marketing opportunity for you and your business. Therefore, your participation has two options for the exposure, at a minimal fee.


Research Presentation Interview

Present your scientific or evidence-based research findings on adversity, trauma, resilience, post traumatic growth or any other subject relevant to the purpose of Get Up and Grow. This opportunity is free of charge.

no charge


Expert Service Interview

Share your experience as a subject matter expert who provides a free service to people facing adversity or trauma. Offer practical advice and tips to those navigating these challenges. This opportunity is free of charge.

no charge


Personal Experience Interview

Share your personal experience of adversity or trauma or your experience of providing a volunteer service to others facing similar challenges by offering practical advice and tips. This opportunity is free of charge.

no charge



Subject Matter Expert Interview

Be interviewed as a subject matter expert on your topic. For a nominal fee, you'll have the opportunity to share your expertise and insights with our audience and your company/ business/ practice can benefit from the exposure.



Product/ Resource/ Service Interview

Be interviewed about your product, resource or service offered to people facing adversity or trauma. For a nominal fee, your product/ resource/ service will be featured on the website among the recommended resources.


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