Employee Wellness Assistance Programme

Employee Wellness Assistance Programme – Your Path to a Thriving Workforce!

We are still waiting for their official announcement, but Get Up and Grow has been awarded an African Excellence Award for Best Employee Assistance Programme 2024!

In Essence, members of our programme are immersed in a culture of life-long learning and receive weekly chunks of resilience resources and tools, to help them cultivate life skills and acquire knowledge while increasing insight and self-awareness to triumph over any kind of adversity or trauma. Then, if they do need mentoring, coaching or counselling, they qualify for access to one of our mental health practitioners because they’ve been working on themselves diligently and will continue to do so.

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In today’s fast-paced and ever-evolving business landscape, nurturing a happy, healthy and high-performing workforce is paramount. At Get Up and Grow, we understand that a company’s most valuable asset is its people. That’s why we’ve designed our Employee Wellness Assistance Programme (EWAP) to empower business owners, managers and HR professionals with the tools and support they need to elevate their employees’ well-being and drive business success.

Why an Employee Wellness Assistance Programme (EWAP)?

As you explore the potential of our EWAP, consider the following compelling insights:

1. The Power of Mental Health Support: Recent statistics reveal that mental health issues significantly impact employee performance. Untreated conditions result in decreased productivity, increased absenteeism, workplace conflicts and safety concerns. When employees struggle with their mental health, the entire organisation feels the ripple effect.

2. The Consequences of Neglect: Failing to address mental health within your workforce can lead to diminished morale, decreased effectiveness and lost opportunities for growth. It’s not a matter of if, but when, challenges will arise. The question is, will you wait until you’re dealing with problems or will you proactively invest in the well-being of your team?

3. The Benefits of Being Proactive: Our EWAP is your proactive solution. By adopting a comprehensive mental health support programme, you ensure that your employees are equipped to navigate life’s challenges and in turn, contribute to your company’s growth. It’s about creating a workplace where your team thrives, excels and remains dedicated to your success.

4. Criteria that Prioritise Effectiveness: Our EWAP adheres to international norms for Employee Assistance Programmes, ensuring that support reaches those who genuinely need it, limiting abuse of our system and providing a structured framework for assistance.

5. A Spectrum of Services: Get Up and Grow offers a wide range of services within our EWAP, including trauma debriefing, holistic wellness counselling, complimentary therapies, resilience coaching, strategic life coaching and mentoring. We are committed to addressing the diverse needs of your employees.

6. Real-Life Success Stories: Explore the transformative impact of EWAP through real-life examples where our programme was activated and employees received the support they needed. These stories underscore the potential for positive change within your organization.

Our EWAP is your opportunity to elevate your workplace into a haven of well-being, where employees flourish and your business prospers. Don’t wait for challenges to emerge – be the proactive leader your team deserves and embrace the future of a thriving workforce.

Unlock the power of a well-supported, resilient team with Get Up and Grow’s Employee Wellness Assistance Programme. Contact us to discuss how our EWAP can become the cornerstone of your organization’s success: wellness@getupandgrow.co.za

How it Works

Every employee is signed up to the Get Up and Grow EWAP Membership, a monthly subscription ranging from $5 (+/- R94pm) to $13 (+/- R260pm), negotiable depending on the number of employees enrolled. They get instant access to a wealth of Resilience Training Resources: blog posts, quizzes, challenges, videos, books, tools, podcasts, online courses, expert interviews, summits and other resources & events. As employer, you can either choose a list of Resilience Trainings to be completed in a specific period or allow employees to choose themselves, as long as they meet your minimum requirements. Whenever an employee requires support for a critical incident, event or personal challenge, they qualify upon condition that the requirements in terms of Resilience Trainings have been met. In other words, they have completed the required number of Resilience Trainings to date.

For example: You have pre-selected 12 Resilience Trainings for employees to access & complete over a period of 12 months. Nine months later, an employee goes through a divorce but fortunately, they have already, among the nine trainings, completed our course on divorce and are therefore, well-equipped to handle the stress without neglecting their work, so they do not need individual support in terms of our trauma debriefing or counselling services. Another employee gets involved in a motor vehicle accident and need an individual trauma debriefing session to help them overcome the fear of driving to work every day. Fortunately, they have already accessed and completed nine of the Get Up and Grow Resilience Trainings, so they have acquired many skills and tools to apply to their stressful situation and overcome the challenges successfully. The result – your employees are much more resilient and able to deal with the adversities and traumatic experiences life throws at them. (A full list of Resilience Training Resources can be provided upon request, as it is updated & extended regularly).

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Range of EWAP Services Offered in Person and Online (quotation provided upon request)

First Response
Individual Support

(after critical incident / event / challenge experienced – paid per session)

In the face of adversity, we are here to offer immediate individual support. Our trained professionals provide assistance to employees who have encountered a critical incident, event or personal challenge. By addressing their emotional needs promptly, we help them navigate through difficult times and restore their well-being.

First Response
Group Support

(after critical incident / event / challenge experienced – paid per session)

We understand that critical incidents can affect entire teams or departments. Our First Response Group Support is designed to foster resilience and healing on a collective level. By addressing the shared experiences, emotions and challenges, we help teams recover and rebuild together.

Get Up and Grow

(ongoing online training – monthly subscription)

This is a comprehensive and all-encompassing well-being package. It’s not just about addressing problems; it’s about proactively cultivating resilience in all aspects of life. From emotional and mental well-being to physical health and social skills, spiritual growth, career development, financial acumen, environmental matters and maintaining healthy family dynamics, our membership ensures holistic growth and resilience.

Employees sign up as members and have to attend, complete or participate in a minimum required number of courses, workshops, events etc., to qualify for individual support if and when needed.

Prevention is better than cure, so providing regular opportunities for personal development and growth, ensures that employees are well equipped for challenging situations & incidents.

Staff & Management

(scheduled training – paid per session)

We believe in investing in the growth of your team. Our Staff & Management Training sessions cover essential life skills, personal development and mentoring. From time management and conflict resolution to leadership and effective communication, we equip your employees and managers with the tools they need to excel in their roles and support their colleagues.

Live Events

(scheduled events – paid per event)

Get Up and Grow doesn’t just focus on practical training and support. We also offer a refreshing and motivational dimension through our Live Events. These gatherings include inspirational talks, social events and other engaging activities designed to uplift and inspire your team, promoting a sense of community and motivation.

Expert Testimonial

“I’ve had the pleasure of exploring the Get Up and Grow website, and I must acknowledge, the dynamic approach is truly inspiring. The diverse set of tools and resources offered, from the Resilience Boosting Conversation Starters to the engaging Parent Summit, reflects the commitment to empowering individuals in various spheres of life. I frequently share Get Up and Grow’s insightful videos with my clients in counselling, wellness, and learning, as Sinta’s depth of knowledge never fails to provide valuable insights. What sets this website apart is its tangible nature, allowing users to engage with concepts through multiple mediums, from online courses to thought-provoking blogs and quizzes. Covering topics ranging from divorce to parenting, the website offers a unique array of tools tailored to support personal growth and resilience. Through proactive engagement with these offerings, individuals can experience steady progress and development. Moreover, the website’s diverse perspectives and resources allow users to navigate their growth journey at their own pace and readiness. I highly recommend the Get Up and Grow website to anyone seeking a whole-person approach to personal growth and well-being.” – Melissa van Hal (Integrated Learning and Wellness Strategist, Specialist Wellness Counsellor, Learning Intervention & Support Strategist).

By offering these diverse service categories in person and online, we ensure that your organisation has access to a wide spectrum of support, guidance and inspiration. Whether you’re responding to crises or proactively cultivating a thriving workplace, Get Up and Grow is your partner in building a resilient and motivated workforce.

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Suggested Criteria for Qualification

Suggested Budget Criteria

Contact us TODAY: wellness@getupandgrow.co.za to arrange a discovery meeting

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