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Farm Safety Week (22-26 July)

Four beautiful Edugraphics (educational infographics) were created with valuable information to create awareness around Occupational SafetyChild SafetyCrime Prevention and Mental Health Wellbeing for our farming communities.

The edugraphics can be used in digital format on any online platform, printed as flyers or even displayed as large posters. Available in English and Afrikaans.

Bereaved Parents Month: July

Mental Health Awareness Month: July

Recent Events

World Wellness / Wellbeing Week (24-30 June)

World Wellness Week is a great reminder for all of us to pay attention to the importance of cultivating well-being in all aspects of our lives.

In the video I discuss various ways you can cultivate personal wellness in all the interconnected spheres of your life.

In the blog post I talk about 9 great ways you can foster wellbeing, that are all equally applicable in the workplace and at home with your family.

On Global Fair Divorce Day, 25 June, I hosted a FREE Online DIVORCE SUMMIT
It was an incredible collection of interviews with 30+ Experts who shared their knowledge as well as Divorced and Alienated Families who told their heart-breaking stories of triumph over trauma, from all over the world.

The Summit is still Available to Accelerator Members Here

International Widow’s Day (23 June)

To honour International Widow’s Day, I recorded two deeply moving interviews with women who share their lived experiences of losing a husband, life partner, best friend and father of their children. I am truly grateful for your contributions to support so many other women who are going through similar experiences of loss, grief and mourning. Thank you to Karen Gemmeken and Renette Vosloo!

Solstice (20 June)

Here are two short videos that will give you an inspired perspective on the cycles of life and how they are similar to the winter and summer solstices, as they are traditionally celebrated in various cultures all around the world.

Enjoy this time of renewal and reflection and I encourage you to create a unique, beautiful ritual for yourself and your family to honour everyone’s journeys.

Happy Solstice to you all!

Learning Disability Week: Learning Preferences and Neurodiversity in Adults & Children (17-23 June)

In this interview with Supportive and Integrative Learning and Wellness expert, Melissa van Hal, we talk candidly about moving away from terms such as disability and embracing the opportunities that a diagnosis offers.

Listen to the Podcast
This is an inspiring conversation for any family with Neurotypical and Neurodiverse members. Get great practical tips and insight for dealing with your own uniqueness and raising children with neurodiversity, from Vanessa Victor & Becky Smith.

Listen to the Podcast

Youth Day (16 June)

To commemorate Youth Day, I wrote a blog post about the 12 Essential Life Skills the Youth of today needs, in order to succeed in the world.

Have a look at the Edugraphic on the left, which you can download for free and share with others.

Get Up and Grow Members can read the full blog post where I discuss each of the twelve essential skills and explain what they all entail. There is also information about the soon to be launched online course for parents where they can learn how to teach and cultivate these important skills in their children from a young age.

Father’s Day (16 June)

Here are two interesting articles I wrote about Father’s Day. They contain practical tips and sound advice for divorced fathers and mothers to help them honour the father figures on this special day.

Don’t allow this occasion to be painful – turn it into a teaching opportunity for your children.

International Men’s Health Week (10-16 June)

To commemorate International Men’s Health Week, I’ve recorded a series of interviews with remarkable men who are prepared to share their experiences of facing several adversities, the life lessons they’ve learnt from it and how they overcame them. Much gratitude goes to all of them who are brave enough to show their vulnerability, speak up and advocate self-care & personal growth so that our men can be healthy.

Interview with William Barret

Listen to the Podcast

Interview with Simon Hill

Listen to the Podcast

Interview with Tarquin Ogilvie

Listen to the Podcast

Global Wellness Day (8 June)

To commemorate Global Wellness Day, I made a short video with very valuable practical tips – things you can do to ensure you cultivate wellness in all aspects of your life, be it emotional, physical, mental or any of the others.

Check it out here and share with others please!

World Best Friend Day (8 June)

Best Friends?

What if your best friend betrays you?

“A friend is someone who knows all about you and still loves you.” – Elbert Hubbard

The qualities of a best friend can vary depending on personal preferences and individual relationships, but there are several common qualities that are often associated with strong friendships. In this blog post, I discuss some key qualities of a best friend and what you can do if they betray you.

World Environment Day (5 June)

Care for Environment Guarantees Resilience

As we commemorate World Environment Day, it’s essential to reflect on the pivotal role our environment plays in our lives. Our surroundings aren’t just a backdrop to our daily activities; they are the foundation of our health, well-being and resilience. As individuals, we have a profound responsibility to lead by example and educate those around us about the importance of nurturing and preserving our environment. Whether you are a parent, employer, leader or simply someone who cares, your actions can inspire and drive change.

In this blog post I talk about the impact of Mother Nature on our daily lives and offer 36 practical tips for sustainable living at home.

Please read the full article here

Global Day of Parents (1 June)

To acknowledge and celebrate the essential role parents play in their children’s lives and society’s overall well-being, I’ve created a parent guide for family transitions.

16 of the most difficult transitions and their impact on you and your family are covered and I offer 12 essential skills for effective change management that you can apply immediately.

Members can download the Pdf here

Elections: What You Need to Vote

With the upcoming elections in my home country, South Africa, I wrote a blog post that I’ve been pondering for several years. There are many aspects to voting responsibly, especially in our country, that we need to consider to ensure that we are accountable citizens and wise leaders of our families.

Please read to full blog post for detailed information and insightful perspectives on the process of determining who to vote for.

Download the accompanying edugraphic for FREE and share as mush as possible to spread this vital information in your community.

International Stepmother Day (19 May)

Much gratitude and appreciation to all step-mothers who make huge sacrifices to care for children who are not their own!

With the recent Mother’s Day celebrations abound, I came across several disgruntled step-mothers who felt unappreciated because they were not included. As a biological mom and a stepmom, I’ve learnt many valuable lessons to add to my own experience as a child with various step-parents, so I hear you loud and clear, but please hear me out.

Read the full blog post and also have a look at the two Edugraphics with Do’s and Dont’s for Step-parents. They are a great resource to download FREE of charge.

International Day of Families (15 May)

To commemorate International Day of Families on 15 May, I talk about various Social, Economic and Demographic Aspects that impact the resilience of families in this video. The Edugraphics next to it, are a summary of the concepts covered in the video, for you to download.

Mental Health Awareness Week (13-19 May)

Mental Health Awareness Week is observed in many parts of the world and the theme for this year is Movement. The Mental Health Foundation created this great infographic. It’s a Pdf to download for FREE:

Tips for Moving More for Your Mental Health

International Road Safety Week (10-14 May)

International Road Safety Week, observed from 10th to 14th May annually, stands as a beacon of awareness and action against one of the most pressing global challenges: road safety.

Read some fascinating global statistics, get practical tips and watch three of the incredible #ItCanWait video campaigns.

Mother’s Day (12 May)

While Mother’s day is a joyous occasion for most families, being separated or divorced can turn this day into a very painful event if not handled with compassion, empathy and an understanding of the value and learning opportunities it brings to both parents and their children.

Once a year, we have the opportunity to honour our Mothers and show our appreciation for everything that they mean to us. It is also an opportunity to teach our children to consider the relationships they have with the women who gave birth to them and the roles that their mothers play in their lives.

If you are one of those sceptics, arguing that it is just another money-making gimmick, take a moment to read and reflect on these notes.

I had a wonderful chat with Benito Vergotine, on The Honest Truth, on SmileFM Radio, about Mother’s Day. We discussed practical tips for divorced fathers to help their children celebrate their mother as well as ways for a divorced mother to teach her children how to celebrate such a special occasion without the help of a spouse.

Safety & Health at Work Day (28 April) and International Worker’s Day (1 May)

Health, Safety and Wellness in the Workplace is vital to the success of any business and organisation. In this video I discuss 10 aspects and strategies for both employers and employees.

Watch the video

Listen to the Podcast

Parental Alienation Awareness Day (25 April)

I’ve designed a special range of clothes to commemorate International Parental Alienation Awareness Day on 25 April 2024. This is for parents who are alienated from their children and here is what it means to me:

My heart (red) is filled with love for my child(ren) and although my child(ren) show no love for me, their hearts (white) are pure. The t-shirt is black to mourn the loss of the children. There are red parent hearts with one, two, three and four up to eight white child hearts.

Order Yours TODAY

ONLINE Resilient Parenting Summit – 09:00 (SAST) 28 March to 09:00 (SAST) 30 March 2024 Now Only Available to Get Up and Grow Accelerator Members

An amazing line-up of expert interviews, exclusive workshops & other specials – all for parents who want to learn more about nurturing resilience in their children.

This event is now exclusively available to Accelerator Members only All competitions & special offers have been closed.

Preventing Parental Fatigue and Burnout Series – 6 Workshops (Exclusive to Accelerator Members Only)

Pro-Active Language for Parents

Pro Active Language for Parents: This interview with Melissa van Hal (Specialist Wellness Counsellor and Education Support Specialist) will really help you understand what it means and get some practical examples and tips for implementing this great parenting tool.

No More Spiked Drinks with Drinkerbell

Watch this inspiring interview with Peach Olive, who’s daughter Skyla’s drink was spiked. She created an amazing way to safeguard your drinks when you’re out and about. This is a great story of turning a traumatic experience into a worthy awareness campaign.

Get Up and Grow T-shirts

I’ve had so many requests for my designer t-shirt, that I decided to make them available here.
Please complete the form below to receive an invoice. Your order will be processed upon receipt of payment.

Order Yours Here

Festive Season Tips: Practical Advice for Happy Holidays

I’ve recorded an inspiring video with two Specialist Wellness Counselling colleagues, Melissa van Hal and Lehandra Riley. We talk about a variety of aspects that pose challenges for so many of us around this time of the year such as family, feelings, traditions, responsibilities, pressure, solitude, isolation, joy, rituals, self-care, support and more. It will be seven minutes of your time well spent, if you are still in two minds about how to handle some of those tricky situations.

Learning During Holidays: Should Children Continue Academic Work During the Holidays?

Should children continue learning and doing academic work during the holidays or not? This interview with Support Learning Specialist and Specialist Wellness Counsellor, Melissa van Hal, provides valuable advice and practical tips to parents on how to cultivate an environment that supports curiosity, discovery and continued learning through exploration and play, in a less structured holiday context.

School Readiness: Is Your Child Ready for the Traditional Learning Environment of a Classroom?

Watch this great collaboration with Melissa van Hal (Specialist Wellness Counsellor & Education Support Specialist), Tendayi Marwa (Remedial Teacher) and Tendai Mhuriro (Foundation Phase Teacher) as we discuss the various skills and abilities children need to adapt and thrive a school.

Breast Cancer Awareness Month (October 2023)

Watch this eye-opening interview with Elana Swart-Traut as she shares her harrowing story of cancer as a result of breast implants.

Thank you Elana, for your brave journey!

World Mental Health Day – 10 October 2023

Mental Health Practitioners

To celebrate World Mental Health Day today, I asked a number of mental health practitioners what their thoughts are on the topic. Thank you to Cindy Carless, Delani Hollhumer, Melissa van Hal, Helene Potgieter, Presheka Budhrani, Andrea Nettel, Chéry Radley van Staden, Louise Clarence and Jeanne Kruger for your contributions!

Deaf Awareness Month (September 2023)

Two beautiful and inspiring interviews with deaf people who have graciously agreed to give us a glimpse into their worlds. Thank you so much Jessica Combrink and Lochlan McLeod (video to be added soon) for participating!

Deaf Awareness Month (September)

To commemorate DEAF AWARENESS MONTH in September, we collaborated with Edugraphics and the National Insititute for the DEAF (NID), to create this amazing edugraphic with vital information and perspectives that hearing people need to know about deaf people.

International Left Handers Day (13 August)

Challenges & Triumphs of Left Handers

Throughout history, cultures around the world held diverse views of left-handedness. From ancient times to the modern era, left-handedness has been met with fascination, superstition and even discrimination. In some societies, being left-handed was associated with creativity, intuition and uniqueness, while others considered it a sign of bad luck or abnormality.

Read the full article

International Women’s Day & International Day of Indigenous People’s (9 August)

We commemorate International Women’s Day and International Day of Indigenous Peoples on 9 August. It’s a poignant time to honour the remarkable stories of indigenous women from diverse corners of the globe. Some have left an indelible mark on history. They defied norms and emerged as a symbol of strength and leadership. It reminds us of the incredible strength that resides within us all. Here are true stories of indigenous women who conquered adversity, contributed profoundly to their communities and continue to inspire us today.

World Breastfeeding Week (1-7 August)

Nurturing Resilience with Breastfeeding

Breastfeeding is not just about providing essential nutrients. It is a powerful catalyst for fostering physical, emotional, mental and spiritual resilience that equip our children with the tools they need to overcome life’s challenges. Let’s delve into the scientific evidence supporting the numerous benefits of breastfeeding, focusing on how it … read the full article

World Drowning Prevention Day
Edugraphic (25 July)

Stepfamily Awareness Day (16 September)
Online Course for Tweens, Teens & Adult Children of Blended Families

Ongoing Current Events

I always like to challenge myself by learning something new and Sign Language has always been on my to-do list. So I’ve started and you can follow me here on the website or on social media to see how I’m learning. You are also invited to join me on this challenge – I’ll appreciate some company and someone to hold me accountable.

I’ve always wanted to do a proper pull-up and push-up, so I started doing strength training, specifically designed to suit my individual needs and abilities, to achieve that. My son Reuben is in charge of this Vasbyt journey. Follow me to support or join if you’re up for a whole new level of physical resilience!

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